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Business can be unpredictable, and that’s a concern for many of you. We provide you solutions with offices and services which you — and your business — can trust to suit all your office needs and scale to your growth.

Not only you can take advantage of our avenues for endless professional-developments , you will be open to new opportunities and possibilities with our thriving community. Whether you’re looking for offices for sale or thinking of leasing at a working venue, we’re here to help you.

Accounting and Book Keeping

Accounting & Bookkeeping is never an easy task and without a complete accounts department, or a team to carry out all the maddening work for you, even minor, insignificant mistakes will inevitably harm or damage your business’s financial health.


Tax structuring is always a key factor and element of corporate business strategy, especially when you are aiming to shrive for full tax compliance and reduce the risks to the minimal.

Company Registration

Hong Kong is one of the most significant financial cities in the world, having a huge international market and tax-friendly jurisdictions.

Company Secretarial Service

Hong Kong is one of the most productive city fusing an organization and each organization in Hong Kong.


Human resources department is one of the most important segments of your company or organisation.

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TVP, the Technology Voucher Programme is a programme to subsidise local small and medium enterprises, SMEs in using technological services and solutions to improve productivity, or upgrade or transform their business processes.


BUD fund, the Branding, Upgrading and Domestic sales enterprise support programme aims to help Hong Kong enterprises, SMEs, including start-ups, grasp economic opportunities and boost their competitiveness.


The SME Export Marketing Fund (EMF) aims to encourage small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to expand their markets outside Hong Kong by providing financial assistance to SMEs for participation in export promotion activities.

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