Company Registration

Hong Kong is one of the most significant financial cities in the world, having a huge international market and a tax-friendly jurisdiction. Establishing a business in Hong Kong is one of the best choices among the world, with its excellent location, legal system that is separated from the Mainland China, trustworthy economy, world-class infrastructure and productive legal system. Language is another advantage for starting in Hong Kong as English is the second common language in Hong Kong besides Cantonese as well as Mandarin. Foreigners are also welcomed as the ownership of the company incorporated in Hong Kong can solely be the owner as well as the sole director and shareholder. Upon the bank account, Hong Kong offers multi-currency bank account make your wiring transactions trouble-free. With a trusted, tried and tested legal system, you can focus on your business and worry less on the jurisdiction especially when Hong Kong is sitting next to China with tremendous opportunities as a conduit for international trade.


We will look after all the details you need in order to incorporate your company in Hong Kong including name checking including various restricted words. Prepare all the documents needed for the formation, business


Our service includes company name search, business registration license, certificate of incorporation, company secretarial, statutory record for your 100% offshore foreign-owned company. After we obtain the approval of company name, we will begin the submission of the incorporation documents such as your offshore company’s Articles, incorporation application form, etc. It will take around 7-10 working days for the relevant government authority to process the application.