Company Secretarial Service

Hong Kong is one of the most business productive city for an organization and each organization in Hong Kong is required to name a company secretary who must dwell in Hong Kong or an organization must have a body corporate that has its enlisted office in Hong Kong. In this way, on the off chance that you are considering beginning a business in Hong Kong, it is an absolute necessity to either have an enlisted secretarial agent or a named secretary. We offer closely in-touch assist for clients at every stage they need with our extensive experience on all aspects of company secretarial services in Hong Kong. We serve from company formation, to annual maintenance fillings. coordinating with the Hong Kong Companies Registry and Business Registration Office.

From lawful help to administrative hazard the board, business organizing and enrolment, we guarantee to give you the straightforwardness, both locally and in all exchanges.

Our secretarial services includes:

    • Manage and keep the company’s statutory book (both register of shareholders/directors). The statutory books of the company need to be kept at the company’s registered office where as its availability is important upon inspection.
    • Organize and Witness required meeting of directors and shareholders in the process of preparing the minutes. Official meetings and the preparation of minutes are equally important as it is the document governance of the business, such as required board meetings. Failure of documenting operation’s decisions will affect the status, liability protection, tax benefits and outcome of a court case. It protects you by fulfilling the obligation in order to inform shareholders and involved parties. We will perform or supervise the minute’s recording, authentication, distribution and prepare the official record of the minutes.
    • Prepare and filing of the annual returns to the Hong Kong Companies Registry. Annual return contains the particulars of the company such as the address of the registered office, shareholders, directors, company secretary, etc. as at the made up date of the return. Local companies must file and deliver its annual return of the Registrar of Companies for registration within 42 days after the anniversary of the date of the company’s incorporation in that year. Companies will have to pay higher registration fees for late delivery of Annual Returns for registration.
    • Transfer of share and Share Allotment. One or more shares must be issued, set out in a ‘statement of capital’ and distributed amongst directors and investors in order to form a private limited company. When you need to transfer the share, we will need to check the company articles of association or shareholders agreement, and the transfer should be confirmed as part of the Annual Returns to Companies House.
    • Ensuring the company complies with relevant laws and regulations. Laws and regulations are important in the business world and our objective is to ensure your operations are running flawlessly and smoothly with no risk. We will work with management to identify and manage regulatory risk in order to measure a full look.
      Our services also include Alternation of Director or Company Secretary, Name change of Company, Change of company registered address.
    • Consultant Service – Bookkeeping and management reporting, where accounting reports are a crucial part of a complete picture of how your business is performing.
    • Main Service – Budgets and cash flow reporting, probably the most fundamental report in managerial accounting.
    • Support Service – Support for year-end closing and statutory reporting such as preparing annual statutory financial statements, liaising with auditors.