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Accounting and Book-Keeping

Accounting & Book-keeping is never an easy task and without a professional accounting department, or a team to carry out all the maddening work for you, even minor, insignificant mistakes will inevitably harm or damage your business’s financial health. With K-Town Hub experts at your service, it’s easier than ever keeping a clean and accurate book for all your financial records. Customized monthly/quarterly and annual reports are available at your liking. We will clear your obstacles such as the lack of qualified and knowledgeable staff to handle accounting work; Uncertainty and unfamiliar with Hong Kong’s financial framework and compliance requirements; Difficulty on fulfilling the large-scale report requirements. Accurate insight and overview achieve robust financial administration with suitable management and tracking purposes. We’ve got all the tools and expertise you need to sort out any mistakes, backlogs, ignored errors and piles of paperwork to bring your books and financial account back on track and up to date.

Company Incorporation

Hong Kong is one of the most significant financial cities in the world, having a huge international market and a tax-friendly jurisdiction. Establishing a business in Hong Kong is one of the best choices among the world, with its excellent location, legal system that is separated from the Mainland China, trustworthy economy, world-class infrastructure and productive legal system. Language is another advantage for starting in Hong Kong as English is the second common language in Hong Kong besides Cantonese as well as Mandarin. Foreigners are also welcomed as the ownership of the company incorporated in Hong Kong can solely be the owner as well as the sole director and shareholder. Upon the bank account, Hong Kong offers multi-currency bank account make your wiring transactions trouble-free. With a trusted, tried and tested legal system, you can focus on your business and worry less on the jurisdiction especially when Hong Kong is sitting next to China with tremendous opportunities as a conduit for international trade.

Company Secretarial Service

Hong Kong is one of the most business productive city for an organization and each organization in Hong Kong is required to name a company secretary who must dwell in Hong Kong or an organization must have a body corporate that has its enlisted office in Hong Kong. In this way, on the off chance that you are considering beginning a business in Hong Kong, it is an absolute necessity to either have an enlisted secretarial agent or a named secretary. We offer closely in-touch assist for clients at every stage they need with our extensive experience on all aspects of company secretarial services in Hong Kong. We serve from company formation, to annual maintenance fillings coordinating with the Hong Kong Companies Registry and Business Registration Office.

From lawful help to administrative hazard the board, business organizing and enrolment, we guarantee to give you the straightforwardness, both locally and in all exchanges.

Human Resources

Human resources department is one of the most important segments of your company or organisation. It has become a strategic asset over the years to the organizations It is no easy task to create an efficient HR function that will add value to the organization but also, leading all the other aspects of talent management in this fast-changing world. The performance of your employees is going to be enhanced and maximized efficiently by your HR team with company’s goals and targets. While you focus on selecting and recruiting your staff, we will support your back with our professional service team. We assist in developing efficient and coherent HR strategy, and developing, training and compensating the talents.

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